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    I was considering the purchase of the LUFTWAFFE SERVICE TRAINING HANDBOOK, then I noticed something... they seemed to have been revised regularly on an annual basis.

    The reason I would be wanting one is for the waffenfarbe descriptions and uniform regulations. Now before I fork over the money to get one of these for each year, I have a few questions...

    1. Does each edition mention the waffenfarben and insignia that were out during that time period, or is each year a duplicate copy of the year before?(For example, is the 1936 edition the same as the 1940 edition in the areas mentioned?)

    2. Can someone please place some screenshots of the pages that go over the uniforms and the waffenfarbe?

    3. Is there a section covering the Beamten?

    Getting all 10 years of books can be expensive and I want to know what I am getting before I start shelling out the dough.



    Here is what the cover looks like(from Peter Weymonds site).


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    Paul, I have the 1936 issue with the blue cover (first in the series I believe). I paid $35 for it via Manion's a couple of years back. I don't think they made one '45, and I'm not certain about '44. I'd like to find a '39 or '40 for comparison purposes as well.

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    Note the droop tail eagles, cross-strap with the belt, no second-model dagger, and the "right vs. wrong" wear of the unifom. It also has proper saluting techniqe, how to organize your uniform locker (this eary issue shows a DLV hat in the locker), personal hygene, marksmanship, navigation, & more. Fun stuff and a good reference.

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    Paul, I have a 1939, 1941, and a 1943 edition, my early one (1939) has the Waffenfarbe section

    missing, but other 2 are complete, I will take some photos for you when my wife returns with the

    camera early next week.


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    Thanks Bob! Now, are the insignia pages exactly the same in the other books? For example, the Musician insignia completely changed in early 38. I wonder if these are imaged in the appropriate section in the earlier books?

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    Hi Bob,

    Is the pictured War Badges page from the 1943 copy or the 1939 copy? The reason I ask is that if it were the '43 edition, it is curious that the Air Gunners / Flight Engineers' Badge is not included as it was instituted in June of '42.

    ERIC :unsure:

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