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Lientenant Georgy Vladimirovich Bogachev

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Record card

Order book № 741751

1. Last name: Bogachev

2. First, middle names: Georgy Vladimirovich

3. Military rank: Lieutenant

4. Sex: Male

5. Year of birth: 1913

6. Place of birth: Chertorizh station, Volyn region

7. Party membership since: non-party

8. Education: higher

9. Nationality: Ukrainian

10. In the Red Army since: since November 1939 to September 1944

11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: 871st light artillery regiment, 79th light artillery brigade, Leningrad Front, Battery Commander

12. Current place of service and position: Shepetovka, Kamenets-Podolsk region, representative of Planning Board.

13. Home address of the awardee: 126 K. Marx St., Shepetovka, Kamenets-Podolsk region

14. Record of previous awards

Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award


Red Banner 82077 Temp. certificate Г-065498 Order to command of artillery of Leningrad Front No 017/N of March 04, 1944

For the Defense of Leningrad Perm. certificate H-00912 Decree of December 22, 1942

For the Victory Over Germany Perm. Cert. И-0362508 Decree of May 09, 1945

For Heroic Labour Perm. Cert. З-0105025 Decree of June 06, 1945

Red Star 91677 Order to 67th Army No 082/N of January 30, 1943

Signature of awardee (signed) ________________________

Data correctness

and signature of awardee Shepetovka city ??

attested by: Major (signed)

December 09, 1946

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Brief description of personal feat or merits

Junior Lieutenant Bogachev G.V., being in battle arrays since January 03 to January 15, 1943 during the period of 330th rifle regiment attack at Shlisselburg under the enemy?s continuous fire provided advance of his infantry. He skillfully adjusted fire of platoon by artillery fire, thus he destroyed up to 100 Hitlerites and 3 heavy machine-guns in earth-and-timber emplacements. He neutralized 5 machine-guns and two mortar batteries.

In spite of continuous communication breaks, comrade Bogachev managed to use radio station to be in touch with the regiment and direct artillery fire, thus assisting our infantry in capture of the territory from Maryino cemetery to narrow-gage railroad and in getting a grip thereof.

Comrade Bogachev deserves to be recommended for the government order ?Red Star?.

Commander of 871st fighting anti-tank artillery regiment . Artillery of reserve of the Main Command.

Lieutenant Colonel (signed) /Cherkasov/

January 06, 1943

Awarded with Red Star order under order to 67th Army No 082/N of February 06, 1943

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Interesting again for a number of discrepancies in the various forms of paperwork. Some additional translation comments:

His Awards Record Card says he joined the army in "XI/39" yet his Red Star citation says he joined "11.2.40." The ARC starts with what must have been a "swallowtail conversion" Red Banner from the serial number... and tacks on his Red Star-- which was awarded FIRST-- LAST. Presumably he had a wartime simplified ARC for that, and at least it was carried over onto the later form by a dutiful clerk. Without that consolidation, you might never have gotten a copy of these other awardss back. Whew!!!

The ARC shows him as having served in the 871st "Light" Artillery Regiment. Most armies have such designations-- but this is the first one of these I've encountered for the Soviet army! Just when I was wondering what they considered "light artillery"-- his citation shows him in the (fire ?) "control" battery of the 871st Exterminator Anti-Tank Regiment. Yet the action for which he was so rightly decorated reveals that he was in direct close infantry support work-- basically point blank fire--in what the Germans would have designated an "Infanteriegesch?tz" role: small howitzers man-handled right upto targets.

His rather (typically) slap-dash wartime personnel "file" shows he went up from Starshina to 1 star Junior Lieutenant (rank when he received the Red Star) yet he was a 2 star Lieutenant when he was discharged to the reserves...

on 10 October 1944 !!!! :Cat-Scratch:

There is nothing SHOWN indicating that he was wounded. He was "non-Party" (and emphasized so :rolleyes: ).

But his civil job doesn't SEEM to have been excesssively Necessary To The War Effort-- so I'd guess that he WAS wounded-- and very badly indeed to have been sent home with his experience and war record.

His Medal for Heroic Labor in 1945 might be either an actual award for 15 years civilian work or the first of what would have become "the usual" progression of awards (Distinguished Labor Medal, Heroic Labor Medal, Badge of Honor, Red Banner of Labor, Lenin) for the requisite number of years service as a State Employee. (The only regulations for those that I have actually seen are for the railways.)

You're on a roll, Bill! :jumping: :cheers:

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Junior Lieutenant Bogachev G.V., being in battle arrays since January 03 to January 15, 1943 during the period of 330th rifle regiment attack at Shlisselburg under the enemy?s continuous fire provided advance of his infantry.

I think here is your city Shlisselburg near St. Petersburg (Leningrad).

best regards


Edited by Alfred
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