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Glider Pilot Badge For Opinions

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Posting this for a friend who is considering purchasing it (these are the only photos he has at the moment). It looks like an unmarked Juncker to me - what does the forum say?

All comments/opinions welcome.



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Good morning, Scott

Would like to see some better pictures?but going on these I?d say it has some good points, and would be worth a closer look.

From what I can make out; it is, as you say, a ?Juncker? with correct plated zinc wreath, eagle looks good, typical hinge.

I have a good feeling about it!

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Thank you gentlemen. My friend received additional photos, but they're no better than those above. The owner did provide the wreath measurements, 55mm high x 44mm wide, and a weight of .7oz. How does that compare with a period badge?

Thanks again.

Edited by Scott
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