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Interesting! What kind of officials were there? are there any kind of rank-destinctions?



Hm, you?ve got me :blush:

I can?t tell you that in detail. I have a picture of a Johanniter knight in uniform for 1870/71 but can not find it now - I have to organize myself in a better way. The picture above is no doubt from WW1. The Johanniterorden supplied the red cross medical aid in WW1 for instance with 64 hospitals for about 4000 beds, they sended about 1900 nurses behind the frontier and supplied 3 special trains for sick and wounded. In the picture you can see the surgery waggon of such a train of the Johanniter (Information and picture from "Unter dem Roten Kreuz im Weltkriege - Das Buch der freiwilligen Krankenpflege" Berlin 1934). That all was organized by a hand full of knights wearing their own uniforms similar to that of the red cross officials. Unfortunately I am not able to tell you anything about rank distinctions.

Regards, Komtur.

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Commander grade Ernestines were given to Majors, which seems to be what his shoulder boards look like. No clue what that "ranK" in the Johanniter organization was called.

Unfortunately I cannot tell if he has the "mit Jahrezahlen" wartime version of the Order or the normal peacetime class. There was no one IDENTIFIED as a Johanniter member on the "mit Jahrzahlen" rolls (though several with Court titles are vague enough it could have been one of them.

When I transcribed the Ernestine Rolls 1914-18 I did NOT included "normal" pre-war types of Orders, which continued to be awarded to civilians, because there was absolutely no POINT: a "peacetime" Order would look the same whether from 1907 or 1917 and thus could not possibly help identify groups.

His Ernestine might have been awarded BEFORE the war. I have the Rolls from part of 1911 onward, but only a NAME would help in searching through 5 Rolls times HUNDREDS of entries for YEARS--and what if he got that in...1910??? !!! :speechless1:

His breast cross is quite small. It appears to be the statutory sew on type rather than an enamelled metal one, but is the size of those.

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