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    i purchased them locally at an antique shop a few years ago along with a geschwader general wever cuff title for the equivalent price of two movie tickets.

    no idea if they are good or not; that's why i posted them. i'm fairly certain that the cuff title is good, tho.

    please take into account that this kind of stuff is not really my focus..

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    It is my opinion based upon these images that the tabs are not original. The badge material(white cloth) is much coarser than I am used to seeing. Also, the buckram type is used on many reproductions seen on Ebay. Shoot Robin Lubstein a PM to get his take on the skulls. The patina looks strange on them to me.

    I have an open mind, but I have serious doubts on these. Does anyone else have a take on them?



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    well, it's ok to have an open mind, but i'm afraid that in this case i'd prefer to rely upon YOUR experience. no need for me to bug r.l., he can add his opinion if he sees this thread. and anyone else as well, for that matter!

    thanks very much for taking the time to asess these; i thought they were kinda 'furry'!


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    Would connect me to the opinion of Paul, also I do not like the Litzen. Although also in the literature which are shown as an original. To the skulls I can say that there also were here some man's plates which were produced in different executions, here, unfortunately, I know only the aluminium and zinc variations, but there probably was also which in non-ferrous metal which became then versibert. Remove, nevertheless, sometimes a skulls and look sometimes the back?

    Show, nevertheless, sometimes a few pictures of the sleeve tape, has shown itself two sleeve tapes which I have got recently.



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    than you all,

    and woodeye, i will take the skulls off and post pics; i will also be happy to post the wever cuff title on your thread--probably not until this coming saturday, as i am extremely busy until then.


    That would be fine

    greets woodeye

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