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    Guest Rick Research

    :beer: love seeing these sort of "fully equipped" portraits.

    The EK is "slighted" because the wearer was a Saxon and wore his home state awards first.

    I think "Austrian" is acceptable for the trifolds-- it came from there, and use of this style even into the 1930s in the former South German Confederation states indicated a personal "political statement" that Berlin was not the center of THEIR world.

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    I agree! Wonderful pictures Andreas! thankyou.

    I just love to see these sorts of pics... :)

    Just had another look at the Colonel....maybe they whited out the portrait...because of his big belly? :)

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    the oberst, a wuerttemberger, has austrian style awards on his

    left breast.

    is calling these "austrian" style awards inaccurate?

    and that's the first time i've seen the EK at such

    a low level of precedence. can you explain?

    thanks for these wonderful pictures, andreas!


    To clarify, the Saxon is the one on the right with trifolds. Besides the St. Henry, ZVO and EK, he has the Saxon Erinnerungskreuz 1866 and the KDM 1870/71. As for the precedence, Saxons and Bavarians generally put their own military decorations ahead of Prussia's. I note, though, that he also put a Saxon campaign award ahead of the EK.

    As for the other one, how is this von Marchtaler related to Gen. von Marchtaler, the W?rttemberg Minister of War in WW1?

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    Carl Albrecht Groh is still an Hauptmann in this photograph which therefore must date it between his award of the St. Henry on 27 March 1871 and his 23 December 1874 promotion to Major. Born on the 14 February 1835, he commanded the 1. Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 12 from 23 January 1885 to 13 November 1886 and died on 11 May 1895 as an Oberst a.D.



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