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2 STRANGE ribbon bars

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Hi all,

Here is two my last arrivals. Just would like to ask few questions about them. I am pretty sure they are orinigal pieces but still, maybe some expert can have a look and tell more about they toughts.

1. 4 place ribbon bar

I only understand the EK 2 ribbon and ...... whats rest of the awards???? Is the last one something from Italy?? So weird combination. Who would be the owner?

Ribbons are fine under "blacklight". Catch is stamped out - can feel it from obverse.


2. 3 place ribbon bar with Olympic award and two Spanish awards

Who would be the owner of that? Some kind a Official-Beamter guy?


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Hi Timo,

The 2 middle ribbons on the 4-place are fire service decorations, possibly 1st and 2nd class. The last ribbon i think is something Italian.

The 3-place is unusual, 1 German Political award and 2 Spansih awards, both for Civial War Service. This ribbon bar could be a pre-Sept 1939 bar, belonging to someone who fought in the Spanish Civil War, whilst participating in some shape or form in the 1936 Olympics. :catjava:

Best regards


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Very strange. The first bar has TWO Third Reich Feuerwehr Ehrenzeichen ribbons in the middle, which would technically be impossible. The 4th ribbon was used for decades as the ribbon on Bavarian Volunteer firefighters' long service awards and could be Weimar-Third Reich- and even (I think) Bundesrepublik.

The West German firefighters' long service awards didn't use the ribbons in 2nd and 3rd places here so this can't be an old fashioned 1957+ ribbon bar. Given the minimum of 25 years service for any of the fire awards, absence of anything from WW1, and a 1939 Iron Cross, I'd say that's simply a Frankenstein bar.

A splendid WW2 firefighter's ribbon bar-- Saxon WW1 veteran-- from David S's :cheers: collection

No way to tell who'd have worn the Spanish Civil War trio. The backing is typical of Reichsarbeitsdienst badge cloth, but might simply be whatever was on hand.

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Thanks Rick like always!

So, you think that the first bar is bad?? :Cat-Scratch: In this case its has to be made from original pieces..... everything is fine - blacklight test fine, plate - pin ok..... why to make this kind a strange strange combination then???? uhh, I don't know what to think. Collecting ribbon bars is confusing thats sure :speechless:

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"why to make this kind a strange strange combination then????"


I don't know if I should share this so close to Christmas...

(anyone who doesn't want to know... stop reading NOW and switch to another topic!!!!)

Because :Cat-Scratch:

there are Bad People out there. :speechless1:

Some rob with guns... some rob with ebay ribbon bars. :catjava:

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  • 2 months later...

You have been fooled by the careless 1940s person who made ribbon bar #6 above sewing the ribbons on so the pin and catch are backwards and upside down. turn the ribbon bar "upside down" and it is right side up:

And then you have the FIRST ribbon is what the last one on the bow is:

Romanian Loyal Service Cross war ribbon for NCOs. Middle ribbon on the ribbon bar is very very faded Romanian Loyal Service medal. It is a Romanian NCO's ribbon bar.

Because in WW2 they wore "German" style ones, idnetical even to the tab-back type:

This officer must have got some dirty looks for what he was wearing in front of HIS Crusade Against Communism Medal! :cheeky: The Italians more or less "politely" stopped wearing their Inter-Allied Victory Medals after linking up with the Thousand Year Reich.... :rolleyes:

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Thanks Rick,

It was mystery ribbons to me anyway.... but how is possible to wear ribbon bar upside down :speechless: . Maybe Kevin in Deva can explain romanians soul more :cheers: .

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I actually have quite a few sewn-upside down German ribbon bars from 1916-18 too.

Uhhhh, germans famous punctuality :rolleyes:

I had been checked B?nderkatalog, etc materials but still can't find anything about the buttonaire last ribbon.... what it can be????


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