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    Absolute rubbish that sold to somebody who thinks they probably just had the deal of a lifetime. Authentic Badges will sell for $1200 and up, minimum.........

    The give-aways:

    Cut out cross atop the crown.

    Note the crappy, rough "piercing" on the crown inserts... you could stick a pencil in there.

    Badge is too "thin"/pin is too "high"........ even late war badges that used a thinner silver plate had real depth to the hinge well.

    And of course....... the crown and fake Juncker stamp

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    Here's a nice selection of 100% textbook marks, all attributed to Juncker. Note how the crescent, the 800, etc are consistent across the board.........

    As they say in Screenplay 101, "SHOW don't tell." Very eloquent, Stogie. Great demonstration.



    P.S. I think I have one of those custom made private purchase Junckers to show you. Will post when my camera guy gets his butt over--or I get my butt to the camera store...

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    Thanks for the very informative reply.

    Like many other collectors, I would be happy to acquire an authentic flight badge. However, this is one award for which no amount of homework will be too much before I part with any money.

    The price you quote puts an entirely new perspective on it. A simple stamped steel issue piece, if it is good, can be had from a Hamburg dealer for less than Euros 400. Is that an indication that the badge is not good or are the issue pieces so much cheaper?


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    Hi David, the stamped steel (issue) pieces can be had for significantly lower amounts. Typically in the 300-400 Euro range. More if they have the issue document, or the plain packet they were handed out in. The price I quoted is for the a private-purchase badge in silver. The one exception would be a stamped-steel issue Aerial Gunner Badge by Juncker... expect to pay close to 2K for one of those, if not more. Private Purchase in silver? Forget it, think 4K+++

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    Yes, to date......... not one person in the US who has access to much "behind the scenes" discussion amongst the serious researchers of these badges, or one "old collection" type person has been able to produce a second example of the private purchase piece. I know of one in Germany. I'm sure there are more over there..... but no-one seems interested in discussing it. No example found in Berlin Museum either!!

    It's a difficult load to carry, but the bank deposit box manages nicely!

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