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Small wars in Africa...

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Hi Chris

List of bars for the AGSM

'N. NIGERIA', 'N. NIGERIA 1902', 'N. NIGERIA 1903', 'N. NIGERIA 1903-04', 'N. NIGERIA 1904', 'N. NIGERIA 1906', 'S. NIGERIA', 'S. NIGERIA 1902', 'S. NIGERIA 1902-03', 'S. NIGERIA 1903', 'S. NIGERIA 1903-04', 'S. NIGERIA 1904', 'S. NIGERIA 1904-05', 'S. NIGERIA 1905', 'S. NIGERIA 1905-06', 'NIGERIA 1918', 'EAST AFRICA 1902', 'EAST AFRICA 1904', 'EAST AFRICA 1905', 'EAST AFRICA 1906', 'EAST AFRICA 1913', 'EAST AFRICA 1913-14', 'EAST AFRICA 1914', 'EAST AFRICA 1915', 'EAST AFRICA 1918', 'WEST AFRICA 1906', WEST AFRICA 1908', 'WEST AFRICA 1909-10', 'SOMALILAND 1901', 'SOMALILAND 1902-04', 'SOMALILAND 1908-10', 'SOMALILAND 1920', 'JIDBALLI', 'UGANDA 1900', 'B.C.A. 1899-1900', 'JUBALAND', 'JUBALAND 1917-18', 'GAMBIA', 'ARO 1901-1902', LANGO 1901', 'KISSI 1905', 'NANDI 1905-06', 'SHIMBER BERRIS 1914-15', 'NYASALAND 1915' and 'KENYA'



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"Africa General Service medals" by R B Magor is the book you need to clarify the various claps awarded for involvement in African Campaigns.

Reading it briefly it would appear that following Medals/Clasps were awarded for actions in the areas you mentioned

Turkanaland - Africa General Service medal with clasps for East Africa 1913, East Africa 1914, East Africa 1915, East Africa 1918

Gusiland - AGS with clasp Kissi 1905

Jubaland - East and West Africa medal clasp Juba River 1893

East and Central Africa Medal clasp 1898

AGS wit clasps Jubaland 1902, East Africa 1913 , Jubaland 1917-18

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The AGSM campaigns often sound like something from a bad movie but in fact are some of the things those old movies were based on!

At least one of the Nigeria bars, for example, was awarded to members of the Nigerian battalion of the West Africa Field Force, a small number of British troops and a handful of sailors and Gunners for "the supression of juju" (human sacrifice) by a pagan tribe.

The campaign involved sailing up ever-narrowing waterways in Maxim-equipped launches, dodging fallen trees and the occasional poisoned arrow, landing at a village, burning the local black magic shrine and sailing away again before the outraged tribesmen could gathera retaliatory force. And that in the early years of the 20th century! Real Boy's Own Paper stuff!

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I purchased this medal in the Omdurman Souk last year. Mongalla is a very small town close to the capital of Southern Sudan which is called Juba. This medal is the variation with the George 5th obverse which is supposedly rare according to the limited sources I have availble here in the Sudan. This clasp was awarded for military operations in the vicinity of the southern Sudanese borders and took place west of Lake Rudolph. These operations were against the Northern Turkhana, Marille, Donyiro and other tribes. Approximately 10 members of the Mongalla Police, of which this recipient was one, were awarded this medal and clasp.

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