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Information about Hauptmann Eduard Ludwig Kelters is it possible?

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Hi all..

Is there anyway you online can look for information about a man, Hauptmann Eduard Ludwig Kelters from Prussia and in active duty from about 1849 to about 1870?

I would be very grateful for any information what so ever.

Best Regards


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I checked my 1870-1 Prussian rank list. Nothing there.

On the possibility that he may have been one of the transferred Hannoverians who wound up in Prussian service, I checked the 1865 Hannoverian list - no Kelters anywhere. Sorry.

Wild Card

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Hi Henke, or asked the: Geheimen Staatsarchiv Preu?ischer Kulturbesitz (eMail: gsta.pk@gsta.spk-berlin.de): http://www.gsta.spk-berlin.de

... and ask for: Offizierspersonalia / Kaas-Kleh, 18.-19.Jh. = IV.HA Rep.1 Nr.76

from the: (IV. HA Kgl. Preu?ische Armee Rep.1 Geheime Kriegskanzlei Nr.71-95: Offiziers-Nomenklatur, von der Geheimen Kriegskanzlei gef?hrte Amtsbuchserie, 1750-1918)

Good luck and best regards, :cheers:


p.s.: on this page you will find some informations about the Staatsarchiv: http://home.foni.net/~adelsforschung/archiv17.htm

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Try the Austrian archives. He was Austrian.

Born 1830? Fought in the Danish war/Schleswig-Holstein/Danish war of 1848-51? Probably was a Schleswigian officer (is that a real adjective?), not a Prussian one.

Immigrated to Brazil in the 1850s?

Fought in the Paraguayan war for Imperial Brazil?

Is this the man?

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Sorry all Im feeling kinda stupid now :/

I dont know why I thought this guy was prussian. My collection has been resting for about 1 year now and I finally decided to pick it up again. And one of my ideas is to make a nice display of some things, one of the things beeing a bar from his person. Somewhere here I ended up thinking he was prussian, and I dont know why I did. I was just in a hurry when I wrote here and didnt think it over. Really sorry if I made you spend time because of my stupidity.

Ulsterman youre information is the correct one. I thank you a lot for this.

Once more Im really sorry for this and will not post more things before doing a better research myself, thank you all so much for your time.

Best Regerds


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His emigration documents are available at diggerhistory.de

His Brazilain navel information might/should be available at the Brazilian Ministry of War.

Apparently he was a mercenary, served with the rebels in the Schleswig-Holstein war of 1848-51 (Germans fought with the Prussians against the "oppressive" Danes and Swedes).

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