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    Dienstaltersliste I May 1943

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    These lists are very valuable, that is certain.

    Can anyone advise me if such lists do also exist for Luftwaffe officers? and iff so are the offciers there listed by type of service (for example fighter, transporter, bomber, etc ....)

    I am offcoarse searching after information from my beloved troops => the glider troops and more specifyed the units such as the LLG 1, LLG2, KGzbV 1, etc ... etc ....

    Cordial greetings,

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    • 2 weeks later...
    Guest Rick Research

    Just finished typing out-- and alphabetically sorting-- the 1943 (W) officers down through all of the Captains.

    Some surprises with this corps of technical specialists. If the ice ever thaws, I may devote some "write up" to these guys.

    A section of Hauptleute (W) with additions not on the 1943 original in red:

    To make the obvious point that having data now available on literally six-figures of Wehrmacht officers whose individual existences could never previously have been verified is nonetheless

    amazing. :jumping::jumping::jumping: :cheers:

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    • 7 months later...

    Greetings. I tried another site with this question but had no success. I cannot find the names of the following Generals (GDA, GDI GDPz, etc). Hopefully someone can assist.

    I'm looking for the names of Generals with the following RDA: 1.04.44(1), 1.06.44(1), 1.08.44(1), 1.09.44(1), and 1.01.45(1). My guess is the individuals were 'moved up' the seniority list, but I cannot find any source on this subject.

    Thanks in advance.

    Old Rotor Head

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    Hi Rick I am searching for a Fighter from the great war that I think continued into the second :unsure:

    He´s name was Arnold Kuschel from Hamburg, He was in Inf Rgt 128 Danziger in 1918 as Leutnant.

    What I could find out he was in Reichswehr inf Rgt 34 ( Preuss Inf Rgt 4) in December 1919.

    In 1934 he was OberLt by the info I got and later Hauptmann.

    I searched in the 1924 Reichsheer ranklist but couldn´t find him :blush:

    Is it possible to find out anything in the the WW2 Dienstalterlisten?

    All the best from Sweden


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    Guest Rick Research

    Seniority is a strange transitory thing... at the time, maybe published in the Militärwochenblätter (I'm not even sure whether those continued through the Second War) but by the time an annual (and "Geheim" publication) DAL was printed, if seniority had been amended-- poof--gone.

    Christer-- what you've got is a Reserve officer who came back "for the duration." That's why he doesn't show up in anything.

    The only Kuschel who was a regular Leutnant in WW1 was in Inf Rgt 70-- and he was killed in action 24 December 1919. There was no (E) officer of that name in the army in 1939. The only regular Kuschel then was a 1938 Leutnant in an artillery regiment.

    So... YOUR Kuschel must have been a Lt dR in 1918. He'd have been a reserve officer again in the 1930s, and made Hauptmann in the reserves again in the Second War-- typical of young WW1/old WW2 officers. The best indicator of that sort of officer is if you have a photo and there is no Wehrmacht long service award.

    Aside from the Militärwochenblätter 1914-1918 which Glenn is transcribing and indexing ( :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1: ) there was never a publication of Prussian RESERVE officers after the May 1914 Rank List. I happen to have the complete year 1915 and first half of 1916 of the Militärwochenblätter (and God bless Glenn he has indexed those :cheers: ) and your Kuschel was not commissioned Lt dR in that period. :beer:

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    Aha ! Thanks Rick

    The story behind this is a ribbon bar with EKII-Hamburg-EHK-Bulgaria Officer Merit order with Crown-Hungary WW1 medal- Bulgaria WW1 Medal

    (seller pic)

    No Long service :cheers:

    And I got the documents for the Commerative medals and Bulgarian Merit order.

    The seller says he sold earlier EK I and Wound badge in Gold :speechless1::speechless1:

    I will present all in a separate thread when I get them.

    Thanks again, if you ever have a question about Swedish orders I will try to help :cheeky:


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    • 2 years later...

    I have also come across the the DAL AI of 1 May 1941 (regular officers General through Lieutenants). I have in my possession photocopies of the pages containing the field officers. I assume I did this before I acquired my book scanner. Must look out for this one again. This from the title page.



    Hello Glenn

    Does DAL A I of 1.5.41 really include Oberleutnante & Leutnante too ? Cover reports to Hauptleute only......

    Regards, Rossano

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    • 3 weeks later...

    I am searching for information on a couple of German doctors that ran the Rennes Military Hospital in 1944. I wonder if they are on your listing. I only have ranks and probable spelling of the last name. I have attached a signature sample.

    Oberstabsarzt Entzinger or Enzinger

    Stabsarzt Lummp or Lumpp

    Can you search your index for those names?


    LTC USA (Retired)

    Edited by sirjahn
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    To all who may be interested

    Finally I have good news for You. After months of hard work I can now announce that most of the Name Registers to the DAL are ready. Until now I could make :

    a) all Hptm./Rittm. from DAL T Stand 1.5.44 (same complete style like in Keilig´s Rangliste/DAL 1.5.44) (ca. 4,5 MB) 50 €

    b) all Obersten down to Hptm. from DAL 1.5.43 incl. San., Vet. u. W-Offz. (but intentionally without Gen. and OL. & LT.), in the same complete style like above.(ca. 8,5 MB) 100 €

    c) all Obersten down to Hptm. from DAL 1.5.41 (but intentionally without Gen.), but this in a simple style (ca. 0,6 MB) 20 €

    d) I am now just working (I made about the half) on the Name Register of DAL 1.5.40, and here too all Obersten down to Hptm. (and intention. without Gen.), this in a simple style like above). I guess it´ll be finished in August.......

    e) it remains to be made the Name Register from DAL. 1.5.42 and I plan to make it in September.......

    N.B.: I can send You little examples of "simple" style and of "complete" style. For all 3 Registers price is 150 Euro only !

    Who is interested to buy my Name Registers, which have cost me so many work hours (each Name, each line handwritten/typed in Computer and all checked), must sign before a Copy-Right declaration

    Thanks + Regards, Rossano

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