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    My Legion Condor&SC traeger photo collection

    Sal Williams

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    It is in it's infancy but it is growing :P

    First up is a Do17 but I am suspect on the originality of this photo because of scratches on the negative though it is on agfa lupex paper. Second is a nice spostage stamp of the CNT&FAI (republican anti fascist groups CNT=confederacion nacional del trabajo & FAI= federacion anarquista de iberia)

    Edited by Sal Williams
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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: Heyyyyy Sal! What's that the army officer at top left on the stairs in #3 wearing between his cap wreath and eagle? :rolleyes:

    And why isn't anyone paying attention to the guy bottom left in that photo wearing his underpants on his head? :speechless1:

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    Hi Sal, neat group of stuff..... a new direction for you??

    Hiya Rick! Not really that new I have been sucked into the world of Legion Condor and Spanish Civil war for a while. It all started on my first trip to the Stuttgart show where I got a beautiful cased SC with the case and a mini! Now I am an addict!


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