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Romanian Michael The Brave Order items.

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Hallo Fellow Members, :beer:

Recently sold on ebay,


US $747.78



US $1,035.00

US $269.99

Connaught Ranger

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I recently came across Michael The Brave order. This is supposed to be French manufacture ("Lemaitre, Paris").

Can someone tell me if thsi is authentic award and how much would be fair price for it?

Thank you!

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Hello Gentlemen, I add the one of my collection to this topic. I bought it in Paris in 2000 I remember. There is a losange shaped hallmark in ribbon ring (I cannot read it).

I also believe it was a french production one.

Some french officers that were awarded foreign Order in bronze (I mean that were issued by their country in bronze,like the Order of Lacplecis of Latvia,and I believe the Order of Michel the Brave 3rd Class),have privately purchased from Orders Manufacturer of Paris, silver-gilt ones.

It's the same for the Silver Cross of the Polish Order of Virtuti Militari,the original ones were in silvered bronze & numbered,but a lot of polish recipient privately ordered real silver ones from jeweler in Poland.

Size : 40 millimeters + crown.

Thickness : 1,5 millimeters.

Weight : 10 grammes without ribbon.


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Hello all,

Mr. Heusy68, I am interested in more details regarding your Michale the Brave order shown above.

Do you still have the order? any findings regading the manufacturers name? does it have a mark on the body of the order?

thank you,

best regards.


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