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German Orders Almanac 1908/09 now available

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Many of you have expressed interest in the German Orders Almanac on CD so I am posting here.

Now available from Rangliste on CD - the German Orders Almanac 1908/09 (Deutscher Ordens Almanach

1908/09 ? DOA). Over 1800 pages of this rare and very expensive research book was scanned into

Adobe PDF format at 300 DPI for very clear viewing. The DOA can be viewed with Adobe Reader from

Adobe. If you do not have Adobe Reader it is a free download from Adobe at www.adobe.com or

www.adobe.de. The DOA was scanned into several PDF files for easy of use and access spend. The

files are:


Orders Index

Name listing A-E

Name listing F-H

Name listing J-L (no listing for I)

Name listing M-Q

Name listings R-S

Name listings T-Z

Book Information

Also included is a German to English typeset translation sheet. What is the German Orders Almanac

and how do you use it?

The German Orders Almanac was not an official government publication. It was a vanity press "Who's

Who?" focused on the German esteem for awards and the social prestige that decorations gave to

decoration holders. As such, while not all inclusive, it does provide the single largest,

concentrated listing of otherwise "invisible" civilian award holders for Imperial Germany. Each

recipient chose what to include-- from a bare listing of the often inconsequential awards they

had received to first names and full birth data, along with current positions and complete home

addresses. There is literally nothing like it for the mass of German civilian award recipients,

and even military awards holders often reveal fuller personal details than are found in official

Rank Lists. As such, it is an unparalleled research resource for the lives represented in medal

groups-- from reigning monarchs to pensioned schoolteachers. From the data each listed person

provided on himself or herself, clues are provided as to where to search for even more additional

career or award information. The German Orders Almanac is the foundation for any pre-World War

biographical research on award recipients.

Because the Orders Almanac was privately printed, it did not follow the "usual" abbreviations and

common emblems representing German awards found in military Rank Lists and state Handbooks. The

keys to the Almanac's unique "system" are fund in the preliminary area of the book, listed by

state. An exceptionally useful feature of the Almanac is that campaign and jubilee medals which

were almost never listed in any other sources ARE listed here-- and can make all the difference

in identifying the original owner of a specific medals group. Until memorization is complete,

users may want to print out that section to familiarize themselves with the Almanac-specific

awards codes system. One rational feature of the Almanac "system" is that it alphabetizes German

awards by state (Anhalt to W?rttemberg) and then foreign awards follow, also alphabetized. No

period source--maddeningly--ever listed awards in the actual precedence that they were worn, but

at least this by-state system allows something specific to be skimmed for-- no "M" awards= listed

person had no Mecklenburg awards, and so on.

The German Orders Almanac is available on CD for $100. The price includes free worldwide

mailing and no paypal fees! If you wound like a sample file please PM or email me. You can order

the German Orders Almanac from Rangliste on CD by emailing me at ranglisteoncd@optonline.net

for ordering instructions or simple send a paypal payment for $100 to pchepurko@optonline.net.

Please be sure to include your mailing address. I will email you when payment is received and

send your CD. Also available is Volume 1 from Rangliste on CD which contains all of the

ranklists to research WW1 German Army or Navy officers. Please email to

ranglisteoncd@optonline.net for more information.

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Paul was by the other day and showed me how this works-- EXACTLY the same as his Rank Lists CD.

The ability to actually SEE the microscopic pages, filling your entire monitor screen instead of teeny tiny double columns per page will make anyone who has endured dealing with the original go


I simply can't USE my original after dark. No amount of artificial light can compensate, with my vision, for the miniscule original hideous Gothic typeface.

With Paul's scanned bersion, the Orders Almanac becomes a "7x24" resource.

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WITHOUT the resulting blindness, hunching, and psychoses, I might add. :rolleyes: The originals are NOT fun to work with. :speechless1:

Hmmmm... printed material that may lead to blindness... sounds like what my mother warned me about when she found some flick mags under my mattress.... I thought that by changing to Militaria I could avoid the risks..... :rolleyes:

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I am surprised I have not seen more interest in the DOA on CD. The DOA 08/09 book is extremely scare and much more comprehensive then the DOA 04/05. There were only 2 version published. I could not find a DOA 1908/08 for sale but I did find a DOA 1904/05 for sale on the Internet and the price was 550 Euros!

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I just realized I have this CD somewhere in collection but haven’t seen it since I moved.  I need to find it and transfer to a flash drive. I only have one laptop left with a CD rom 


as I recall, it’s very helpful 

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