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    Need help with tanks in photos

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    As time and stamina allow, I am going through my collection and working on the cataloging (my wife calls it "playing with my collection", but she must be wrong?). The Tolkachev group -- see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=5053 -- has a number of photos, mostly from April and May 1945 that show destroyed tanks, presumably German. I know absolutely nothing about armor (or even armour) and need help. And and all comments will help to educate me.

    Tanks in advance!

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    The first picture might be a "Matilda" must check with my tank-guru brother Anthony in Ireland.

    Nope, looks similar though except for the vents on the sides and tracks.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    Interestingly enough the guy on top of the Panther

    in the last picture sports a U.S. Flying Jacket,

    if I am not mistaken.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:


    It indeed looks like a U.S. WWII flying jacket. Lots of them were sent to the Soviet Union duirng the war and they were very popular in other services besides the air force.



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    pic 3 may " german bergepanther "


    big shove atthe rear

    This vehicle has been converted to a "tank recovery" vehicle - used to tow disabled tanks off the battlefield for repair. I believe that the shovel would be lowered into the ground to anchor the tank before it tried to pull another tank out of mud, so that the recovery vehicle wouldn't be pulled backwards when the cable tightened. The small 'mast' sticking up is part of the towing apparatus, I think.

    Hope this helps.


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    The German tanks are all Panzer V's called Panther

    The first photo labeled not much left is a Berg Pather, no turret and has abit of box structure

    The rest look like G models of the Panther range.

    From the front no drivers visor on front glasis, the rack down the side from which the bazooka plates hang from

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    Breakdown of Ed's pics

    1. Char de combat moyen Renault D2

    2. Panzer V Panther Sdkfz 171

    3. Bergepanther (Ausf D Chassis)

    4-7 Panzer V Panther Sdkfz 171

    Photo 7 definatley shows an Ausf G Panther (no drivers hatch only a periscope)

    Regards Eddie

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