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    Senior Lieutenant Technician Vladimir Grigorevich Myzychenko

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    close up. . .

    Note that he is wearing his Red Star as well as the following medals, Capture of K?nigsberg, Victory over Germany, and Victory over Japan. . . thanks Bryan!

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    That is a great grouping Bill. I look forward to the translation of the citation. I think it most interesting that he also received the Victory over Japan as well!

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    Translation of the above documents. . .

    Award Sheet

    1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Muzychenko, Vladimir Grigorevich

    2. Rank: Junior Military Technician

    3. Duty position: Junior Weapons Repairer ? 671 Rifle Regiment, 221 Mariupol Red Banner Rifle Division

    4. Born: 1913

    5. Nationality: Ukrainian

    6. Party membership: n/a

    7. Previous combat: 6.41-9.41 Western Front, 2.44-6.44 1 Ukrainian Front, 7.44-10.44 Leningrad Front, and since 11.44 on the 3 Belorussian Fronts

    8. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a

    9. Time in Red Army: since 1939

    10. Inducted by: Kiev Municipal Military Commissariat, Kiev

    11. Previous awards: n/a

    12. Home of record: Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast, Polonskii Region, village of Bolshoe Novoselitse, Sugar Factory. Wife ? Myzychenko, Ekaterina Vasilevna

    Recommendation for the Order of the Red Star

    Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

    In fighting against the German invaders from 14.1.45-24.1.45 south of the city of Pilkallen, the village of Duden, Henskishken, Koesen, and Girrenen (Eastern Prussia), Comrade V.T. Muzychenko has proven himself a bold and fearless officer.

    He has conducted repair work always under heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire under difficult conditions.

    On 14.1.45 during the penetration of the heavily echeloned enemy defensive lines south of Pelkallen while under heavy enemy artillery and small arms fire, Comrade Muzychenko repaired a damaged heavy machinegun under combat conditions and was wounded, but resisting the pain, he finished the repair, thus returning a fixed weapon to the fight. In addition to his main duties, Comrade Muzychenko delivered ammunition directly to front line units while under heavy artillery and mortar fire.

    CONCLUSION: For exemplary accomplishment of the Command?s missions in the struggle against the German invaders and for displaying bravery and courage, he is deserving of the Order of the Red Star.

    Signed Commander, 671 Rifle Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Dorokhov

    Endorsed Commander, 221 Mariupol Red Banner Rifle Division, General-Major Kushnarenko on 20 (?)

    Awarded the Order of the Red Star by Order #034/N of the 221 Rifle Division (obliterated by stamp), verified by Commander, 221 Rifle Division, General-Major Borisenko

    Award Card

    Order Booklet 933995

    1. Last name: Myzychenko

    2. Name and patrionymic: Vladimir Grigorevich

    3. Rank: Senior Lieutenant-Technician

    4. Gender: Male

    5. Birthyear: 1913

    6. Birthplace: Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast, Polonnoe Region, city of Polonnoe

    7. Party membership: n/a

    8. Education: elemenatary

    9. Nationality: Ukrainian

    10. Time in Red Army: 4.1941-11.1946

    11. Place of service at awarding: 671 Rifle Regiment, 221 Rifle Division ? Artillery Technician

    12. Place of work at present: Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast, Polonnoe Region, Polonnoe ? Granite (?)

    13. Home address: Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast, Polonnoe, Lenin Street

    14. Awards:

    Designation Serial Number Document # Awarding Organization

    Red Star 2.720.784 933995 221 Rifle Division dated 20.2.1945

    Verified by Polonoe Regional Military Commissariat official, Major Mironov on 20 May 1947

    Biography Card

    1. Last Name, Name, and Patrionymic: Muzychenko, Vladimir Grigorevich

    2. Time and Place of Birth: 25 March 1913, Kiev, Trokhano Island

    3. Nationality: Ukrainian

    4. Knowledge of Foreign Languages: n/a

    5. Social Position and Upbringing: worker from worker family

    6. Party Membership: n/a

    7. Education

    General: graduated 8 grades in 1931, village of Poluiki, Kiev Oblast

    Military: Tula Weapons Technical Academy, 6 months finishing 6.3.1939

    Political: n/a

    8. Wartime service: Western Front 6.1941-10.1941, Belorussian Front 1.1944-10.1944, 1 Ukrainian Front 10.1944-3.1945

    9. Wounds or shell-shock: lightly wounded in the right leg 3.1945, shell-shocked 3.1945

    10. Awards: Red Star 1944, Capture of Koenigsberg Medal 1945, Victory over Germany Medal 1945, and Victory over Japan Medal

    11. Ever captured or encircled?: 7.1941-10.1941 encircled. 10.1941-1.1944 lived in occupied territory in the village of Izobeleno, Polonskii Region, Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast working on a collective farm

    12. Forms:

    13. On record: Polonoe Regional Military Commissariat, Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast

    14. Promotions: Junior Technical Lieutenant 9.1939, Technical Lieutnenant by Order 0681 of the 39 Army dated 19.7.1945

    15. Specialty: Engineer-Technician 1 Class

    16. Branch of Service: Artillery, Specialty Code 135

    17. Health: healthy

    18. Drills:

    19. Workplace and job: Polonoe Production Union; Forester

    20. Social position and home of record: married; wife ? Ekaterina Vasilevich Muzychenko, b. 1911; son ? Vladimir, b. 1940 in the village of Izobelino

    21. Special Remarks: Military ID Z 35210 issued 7.10.48 by the Polonoe Regional Military Commissariat, Kamenets-Podolsk Oblast

    22. Service in the Soviet Army:

    Weapons Repairer 298 Rifle Regiment 11.1932

    In reserves 11.1936

    Cadet Tula Weapons Academy 3.1939

    Weapons Technician Warehouse #966 8.1939

    In reserves 3.1940

    Reserves 177 Army Reserve Rifle Regiment 1.1944

    Reserves 22 Rifle Regiment 4.1944

    Artillery Technician 848 Rifle Regiment 9.1945

    Verified by Polonoe Regional Military Commissariat, LTC Marionov and Chief of Personnel, Senior Lieutenant Sharai

    23. Released to reserves with the rank of Technical Lieutenant by Order 0496, paragraph 43, Coastal Military District, 6.9.1946

    24. Retired:

    25. He is capable of serving as an artillery technician as of 4.1946

    In closing, my thanks to many others who made this posting possible, despite some of the technical difficulties I am having getting the right attachements to display in the right postings. I would like to thank Bryan for making the acquisition of this piece possible, Alexi for the research, and Paul for the translation of these interesting documents. We are all just links in a chain. . . Thank you gentlemen!

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    Guest Rick Research

    Aha! Yet another Red Star in the 2,72X,XXX to 2,74X,XXX range awarded in the spring of 1947 for actions in 1945-- lost in the shuffle somehow at war's end. This seems, now, to be a solidly established "catch up" serial number range-- just still tweaking the outer ranges.

    Note on his personnel record the infamous Line 11-- he was "encircled" and lived (quite undisturbed by the Germans-- which seems to have happened quite a lot from research we've seen) 1941-44 and NOT the heroic partisan of legend, either. This would effectively have gotten him into LOTS of hot water when the Red Army rolled back in--

    Deserter? Defeatist? Collaborator? Such non-Jewish Soviet citizens had more to fear from the NKVD than from the Wehrmacht. So much for historical stereotypes!

    Bill-- can you get in better contrast and much larger size for the entry of his final assignment to the technical workshop of 848th ... Regiment in 1945? I can't make it out gray on gray and under the stamp, but the word there is not the same as "Rifles" found directly above it.

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    I dont understand... I would have figured that he would have been in more trouble for not taking up arms after being encircled. Why would he have been in trouble for becoming a Partisan. Why was he NOT in trouble from ditching his uniform and living the civilian life after being encircled?

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    Guest Rick Research

    The last letter throws me, but I think it's 848th "Mortars" Regiment. :cheers:

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    I dont understand... I would have figured that he would have been in more trouble for not taking up arms after being encircled. Why would he have been in trouble for becoming a Partisan. Why was he NOT in trouble from ditching his uniform and living the civilian life after being encircled?

    There was always the suspicion that those who were encircled (unless wounded to the point of being unconscious, and many even these were not exceptions) had somehow refused to fight and were potential collaborators. Those who fought to the death (as they were expected to) were OK, others were dubious. Even many civilian partisans suffered with the same suspicions.

    Given the fact that many Soviets (in the Baltic and the Ukraine, for example) aggressively collaborated . . . .

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