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    I rescued this bar from a dealer's darkened corner three and half years ago (at no small price). I thought it was a unique combination with 50% of the awards being relatively scarce medals.

    I've tried, but the stamp on the GMMM ring is unreadable to the camera, but I can see under a loop that it is indeed a "333".

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    There are only about 50 awards known of the Lübeck cross to Württembergers. I can rule some out for your bar as their rank does not match, but as I have no list of WgMVM recipients I cannot come down to one - but I guess others can... very nice bar!




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    Hey, I just realized... match! :cheers:

    Now I really hope it's unique and identifiable. ;)

    Wow. That's cool. Yes, I hope it can be narrowed down. Right now I'm 0-2.

    About a month ago I remember that Detlev had a group with a medal bar that had two of these identifiers. But that bar had seven awards and came with a small photo of the recipient.

    It's sketchy, but I believe from L-R it was;

    EK2, WGMMM, Baden(?) Verdienst, LuK, HK, Wurt.LS(9year?) and a Deutshen Volkspflege medal.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Probably identifiable, but not at the moment with the state of the Rolls still being worked on. :cheers:

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    Guest Rick Research

    OK, best three suspects were all Leutnants der Reserve in KW Inf Rgt 126. I do not know whether any of them can be eliminated as dead before 1935--

    1) FRECH, Paul-- had WgM and L?H and no other known ribboned awards

    2) HAMBURGER, Eugen the same

    3) RIEBER, Artur the same

    There were also three NCOs, but I cannot imagine that they did not have W?rttemberg long service awards. Or-- they might all have been killed before the end of the war--in which case no Hindenburg Cross. I would rule them out, as is.

    Sascha's lapel bow almost certainly belonged to one of the same three-- but cannot know which version of Third Reich long service award that was. Treudienst? RAD? I don't find any of the 6 as an Arbeitsf?hrer up before the war.

    The W?rttemberg and L?beck Rolls will be ready later this year or next year. :catjava:

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