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    Tiny awards, the original or fake?

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    I have NEVER seen a German mini-medal bar-ever-that was pre-1957. ...and i have looked at tens of thousands of contemporary TR photos. They wore them on lapel chains.

    Also, the medal bar looks like an English one.

    I thank you!
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    Hello Leon.

    I am not so sure about this group. I don't say it's original but it could be. Having collected miniatures for 30 years I have learned that anything can happen when it comes to miniatures. Regarding your Olympic I would say it's original, it seems to be identical to one in my collection and in a friends collection - both are proven originals. Of course I haven't had yours in my hand.

    Btw, the second just mentioned Olympic is interesting, it was worn by a dane who got the German Eagle, but for some reason he wore the Olympic instead - which he never got. Maybe he was given the wrong miniature when he bought it, maybe the Eagle was sold out, maybe ..? Not everything makes sense!

    Regarding your group there could be a logical explanation for the British mounting, maybe this guy moved to England in 1938 and got his miniatures remounted, either because he liked the British way of mounting these things more, maybe bacause he wanted to adhere to the "local" tradition, ...?

    From the pics the ribbons seems original, the medals seems original, the grouping could make sense, it's mounted in a profesional and distinct way, what about the sewings, does the treads shine under black light? Why bother to create such a group to fake others, it wouldn't really improve the value compared to selling the miniatures as singles?

    Just some thought, it could be a fake, but it could just as well be contemporary.


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    I like all the hypotheses expressed by Lars. Because, after all, why to do such a fake, in a such unusual manner ? Indeed we need to have it in hands, but my feeling makes me believe it is a real one, mounted in an "exotic" way for Germans...


    If you don't want to keep it, I would be interested... :whistle:



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    ...... the way of mounting would have made sense if he lived in England or other Comonwealth countries as said before.... I am no expert in TR awards or mountings BUT what my little imperial eys can see is what they cannot see... Where is his 1934 honour cross??? If this was a new made bar for wearing outside germany and two of the worn awards were after 1936 then it is clearly missing.... think about it!

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    • 10 months later...

    Well, I will eat crow!

    Sadly, the original picture has been removed (Grrrrrrr.......). However, in watching a DVD of the "Goebbels Experiment" there's some detailed footage of a reception in Hungary @ 1942 (focused on the tasty german film stars and their companions) where one of the chaps in a tuxedo -possibly a Hungarian, is wearing....an English style medal bar with German awards!

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