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    Spanienkreuztr?ger Foto


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    Guest Rick Research

    Is the last photo named-- or can you tell what regiment he was in? I am assuming that the Major?/Oberstleutnant? is in a cavalry unit, immediately before the war. With those awards, if the regiment can be identified, so can he.

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    The quality of the photos posted by Jacques is so good that they are very amenable to enlargement and other editing tools, including differing light shades. contrasts, etc.

    Some of the drop-tails may certainly be attributable to light and angle. The eagles on the soldier in Post 2, however, really are (IMHO) of the drop-tail (or droop-tail) variety. Jacques, of course, has the original photos in hand and may be able to see something we cannot.

    It is, of course, only prudent to be very careful in making such a statement, but I have tried every technique of photo examination that I know and I seriously believe now that Jacques has, by this excellent thread, provided photographic proof of the existence of the droop-tail eagle Spanish Cross.

    If I am wrong, I am sure others will be glad to tell me and I will be glad to listen!

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    Looking forward to seeing the enlargements! I agree that it is difficult to say for sure, but I took all the Spanish Crosses in my collection (8), all of which have the standard eagles, and I could not get the angles or curvature to match the photo in Post 2. Maybe someone else will have better success.

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