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    Little "Big" merit crosses & medals

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    Heiko, Yes, Nordwind had it last year. I kept asking for additional photos, but no response. Yes, I know he sells many pieces that are wrong. The thing is, just like with Manion's... one can find diamonds in all the rough....... I liked the piece, even though it was wrong to the bar. I liked what I could see, but wanted to see more.

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    Thanks, Claudio. I'm not sure of the award numbers on this cross but I believe the Silver Merit Cross of the White Falcon Order qualifies...if not I can always delete the post. ;)

    If it is a World War One award, decidedly rare. From 1914 to 1919:

    • Golden Merit Cross with Swords - 166
    • Golden Merit Cross - 21
    • Silver Merit Cross with Swords - 132
    • Silver Merit Cross - 59

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    Claudio, I located three more that might just qualify...

    First is the Silver Merit Medal to the Bavarian Crown Order. Maker marked Losch.

    Second is the Silver Merit Cross to the Brunswick House Order.

    Third is the Bavarian Twenty Year Long Service Cross.

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    Jens, I imagine all it would have taken was one horrfic wound.

    Bob, i don?t think so. The Bavarian Bravery Medal was a very high award and wasn?t just given for a wound, as bad as it may be. I am quite certain, it had to be involved an exceptional act of Bravery to receive this Medal.


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