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    Can anybody confirm that these 1st pattern badges were only accepted as stand-alone originals just a few years ago?

    I just seem to remember a thread at WAF that questioned these and suggested that they may have been early Assman badges.

    Perhaps I dreamed it though.....

    (I am not hinting that they are anything but original of coures!)

    I will search for the thread in the meantime


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    Thanks for the link John.

    These pre-war paras are very different from their later bretheren.

    The first time I came across them was from pictures of Neil Howes early Junker with the unit and name inscription.

    After a search,I think this is the thread I mentioned earlier:


    These are obviously pretty rare then-certainly more so than the wartime badges.

    I must say though,in purely visual terms,I prefer the second style of eagle(wouldn't say no to one of 'em however!)


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    Guest Darrell

    Very nice JanArne,

    Good article John, I was almost fooled into thinking Assman Eagle as well when I first laid my peepers on it.

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