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All three appear to be vintage WW2... the larger two are very desirable two-piece badges for an officer's service cap- the one on the right may be for a navy "Donald Duck" type cap, while the smaller badge is a one-piece for a pilotka (flat- similar to our overseas- cap). I have seen the two piece badges go for as much as $95. All of this dependent, of course, on whether or not they are genuine... they look good to me.

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Hello Chuck!

Nice star-cockardes you have. Not extremely scarce, but not a dime a dozen anymore. :beer:

The two on top are both models of 1936 - manufactured until 1940. One 38MM and the other 31MM - give or take a MM. Both were worn on all sorts of headgear by commanders, sergeants, and soldiers.

The lower one seems to be a post-war 22MM type - for use on pilotka. However,the photo may be deceiving.

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