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Triple Nevskiys for Lt Col Nevskiy

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A great photo of triple Order of Alexander Nevskiy winner Lt Col Nikolay Leontyevich Nevskiy. He commanded the 818th Artillery Regiment, 223rd Rifle Division. He is one of two known triple Nevskiy winners. Note that he was also awarded the U.S. Army Legion of Merit in the degree of Legionnaire.



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Paul, you might be right with your theory - maybe he hadn't been such an eager communist.

On the tunic of a commander in such position, you usually see 3rd classes of Suvorov and/or Kutuzov. A Newsky is more common for commanders on lower levels.

Maybe - due to the fact, that our commander IS a Nevsky - he personally wanted the Nevskys instead of the Suvorovs or Kutzuovs:

Lt Col Nevsky with 3 orders of Nevsky :love:

Without having all the documents and papers from the military archive you can't really tell, what might have been reason for the series of 3 Nevskys.

All the best


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