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German medal for military sports

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I found these for sale on a French web site, I've never seen them before, I've seen the ribbons worn by German (and other European) soldiers but know nothing abouth them and am seeking info. They come in bronze, silver in gold in 2 models, DOSB and DSB.

1- What is the difference between DSOB and DSB?

2- Are both types awarded to military personnel?

3- Award criteria?

Thanking you in advance,

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The organizations:

DSB = Deutscher Sportbund

Badges with this abbreviation awarded 1952 - 2006.

DOSB = Deutsche Olympischer Sportbund

Badges with this abbreviation awarded since 2007.

It is always the same name for the sports badge = Deutsches Sportabzeichen

It is not a military sports badge, it was and is civilian.

But soldiers can have it, and higher grades must have it.



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It looks like a 16mm miniature.

But the ribbon has not the German width. It looks wider than the 15mm or 10mm ribbon for a mini medal bar.

Because of the mentioned French web side, probably for french people.

They are in fact both full size medals. And as you state, since they're made in France... Most probably for French recipients.

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everybody can get this medal. it is the only one approved by the Bundespräsident and therefore can be worn on uniform. the conditions are 5 different sports achievements. not very easy.though.you can find them under "Bedingungen für Deutsches Sportabzeichen" google and then start your workout.

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