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    collecting pins and badges from mongolia

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    while i was vieing the battushig book, it came to my mind, asking you, if you would collect the pins, badges and academy awards from mongolia.

    i would compare them with german day badges (or at least something like this) - they are not that expensive, and you have a huge variety to choose from and they can be also very interesting.

    let me know what you think!


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    Massive variety.......... that's the understatement of the year Christian!

    I don't think the Good Doctor's book even encompasses the full variety. One of the ones I sent out last week was drop dead beautiful and not in his book. The (Truly) Evil Twin? said it was some sort of "rabid bunny humping a goat badge". He was most unappreciative of the item and I thought it was quite nice!

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    Yep! That's the one. I suspect it is a much earlier version of the Best Agricultural Worker Badge. See what I mean? It just screams "OLD" and "NICE" at me............. those dang voices in there again!

    It is an outstanding Agri Worker badge but not a "national" awarded one but rather one for the southern Dornogobi Province.


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    I thought we had the "Choibalsan's Best Shooter" badge (B #C08) shown elsewhere here, among our early Mongolian threads, but it has eluded ready location, sorry. As I recall, we had some information on varieties there?

    The reverse is mirror-imaged, and I have also scanned the screw-nut, as the manufacturer is divulged.

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