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    Attributed/Documented Mongolian Groups


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    Aha, the reason i thought it was is that in my serial number list the serial numbers were already identified and I had put your name behind it. Probably means I got the serial numbers from your original serial number list 4 years ago yet it wasn't actually in your possession. So... another collector sold it via Zeige (where I got it).

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    Yes, that sounds most plausible.

    This is unfortunately true for most of the orders in that list.

    Many numbers, only few actually in my collection. :blush:


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    Well, you still have many more collecting years ahead of you! :cheers:

    Imagine 10 years from now still coming here to GMIC to discuss mongolian awards - surely we'll have access to research by then? :blush:

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    Lucky day! Alexei just put up some new Mongolian items... including an addition to above group:

    "MEMBER OF THE GOVERNMENT BADGE w/DOC Deputy of the People's Great Khural (1970-1990) - Battushig B 03. Serial number is 190. Made of silver, gold-plating, and enamels. Excellent condition with very light patina, screwplate is original. Comes with original document (matching serial number) to Honored Construction Worker Yondon Tovuu (from #2 of Documented Groups above), who was member of the People's Great Khural in 1969-1973. Document shows age and wear, photo missing. Comes with a bonus trade union membership booklet to the same person."

    Items now in my possession and group held intact (who knows what more is out there of course). There's something about these deputy badges which just makes them very nice.

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    On 17/03/2010 at 15:52, Bob said:



    Items now in my possession and group held intact (who knows what more is out there of course). There's something about these deputy badges which just makes them very nice.




    And, remarkably, more than 10 years later, I'll soon have an additional bit of re-unification to share on this group.  

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    And now the addition to the Tovuu Yondon group arrived. It's more than likely still incomplete, but at least it' more complete than before with this third 'installment'. Sad that these groups are split in the first place of course.


    In this round, the following items arrived

    - Mongolian Order of Red Banner of Labor Valor + document (serial nr 2886, from 1969)

    - Mongolian Medal for the Victory over Japan + document (serial nr 22728)

    - Mongolian Badge of the Deputy of People's Great Khural issued to Comrade Tovuu Yondon in 1966. The serial number is 005 and the badge and document match the serial nr

    - Undocumented Badge of the People's Honored title holder #0416. Comrade Tovuu was conferred a title of the Honored Construction Worker in 1976 by decree # 271 of the Presidium of People's Great Khural. Page 492 of the blue bible provides more details about his bio (1515.20):  see below

    - Document for the Soviet Medal for Victory over Japan issued to Comrade Tovuu in April 1946


    His bio from the blue bible:


    Tovuu Yondon lived from 1919 to 1989, Arbulag soum of Khuvsgul aimag.


    When he was a welder in a reinforced concrete factory he was awarded the Honorary Builder title (1976).


    He enlisted in the People's Army in 1939 and was a veteran of the Battle of Khalkhin Gol and the 1945 War of Independence. From 1945, he worked as a builder, rebar fitter an shop manager at the Ulaanbaatar Construction Trust and the House Manufacturing Plant. He retired in 1979. He was a senior worker and innovator who worked productively for many years in the construction industry and made a significant contribution to the training of young workers. He was twice elected to the People's Great Khural and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor Valor, the Order of the Polar Star (note: missing from my group), the Labor Medal (note: also missing) and the jubilee medal.




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