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    Attributed/Documented Mongolian Groups


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    • 3 weeks later...

    An interesting group... 10 awards. One booklet without award unfortunately (hopefully forgotten to put in the envelope upon shipping!). All awarded to a Mr Damda. Let's have a look at his career:)

    1) Honorary Medal of Combat - serial nr "No 854" - awarded on 36-9-26


    2) Medal we won - serial nr 3443 - awarded on 46-7-6

    3) Soviet medal "victory over Japan" - awarded 8-?-46

    POST-WAR MILITARY ACHIEVEMENTS - 1 booklet 2 awards

    4) Another Honorary Medal of Combat - serial nr 4521 - awarded on 1953-9-11

    5) Order of Polar Star - serial nr 8143 - awarded 1958-11-15


    6) The record of the people's army (B - N10) with a nice red booklet - no number - awarded 1960-12-9


    7) 40 years of the MPR (medal missing) - serial nr 14083 - awarded 1961

    8) Soviet 25 years victory badge - no number - presumably awarded sometime 1970

    9) Medal 50 years of the Mongolian people's army - no serial - awarded 1971-3-12

    10) 30th anniversary of victory over militaristic Japan - no serial - awarded 1975-9-3

    11) Shockworker of the 5th 5 year plan - no serial - awarded 1975-7-16

    Now... some interesting pics to follow!

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    • 2 months later...

    Document interior. (Facing page blank.)

    (This also came with an undocumented MYRL badge -- B# V06 -- and it is tempting to wonder if they all belong together?)

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    • 2 years later...

    Signed on 18 April 1946 by the commander of Military Unit 9999 of the People's Commissariat of Defense, Lieutenant-General Rubin.

    The only wartime general Rubin is this guy:

    - http://www.generals.dk/general/Rubin/Iosif...viet_Union.html

    Interesting. I have seen this Unit 9999" before. Maybe it was just some section of the Soviet bureaucracy that dealt with awards to odd and exotic allies?

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    The power of search :jumping:

    And... the signature is from a bit of a "operate in the dark" kind of guy so it seems...


    Iosif Grigorevich, Lieutenant-General

    (1895 ? 1954)

    1938 - 1939Commanding Officer 3rd Rifle Division

    1940 - 19432nd First Deputy Head of Main Intelligence Directorate GRU

    1953 Head of Main Intelligence Directorate GRU

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    • 2 weeks later...

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