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I had this in my eBay watch list but was not at my computer when the auction ended. My attention was drew to is as it resembled the Hamburg Lifesaving Medal ribbon but it is not that.

I have no idea what the ribbon is. Does anyone recognise it?

I think it is something foreign or maybe something post 1945.

Best wishes


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Guest talltom

looks like it might have had holes in it for a pin of some sort so my idea is a croatian medal of the order of King Zvonimir for war service in its postwar form because of the backing and pin set up but because of the fuzzy bad photos it could be many things :anmatcat:

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I think its the Hessian Bravery Medal.

If wrong, I could still be forgiven for thinking that because of the fuzzy photo, the color quality, and the lack of measurements or scale.

I don't think the Hesse Medal ribbon had prominent red edges.

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I think its a ribbon bar for the medal for the defense of Moscow awarded to all Soviet military and civilians who participated in the defence of Moscow between 19 October 1941 and 25 January 1942

Maybe not, on second thoughts, as the white stripes are evenly spaced whereas yours has a thicker centre stripe



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