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    China Incident Commemorative Medal

    Richard LaTondre

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    That being said, Nick, no cases or award documents have ever been found, correct? Why is this? If anyone has a picture, post it ASAP!

    And, indeed, this medal is still hard to find compared to many of the other official Japanese medals, so calling is scarce or rare is not wrong, IMO.

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    It's rare of course!

    Especially when we compare it with our usual banal medals.

    And yes, still no cases (except wrapper that we saw) and no docs.

    I know what you are thinking about Rich ;)

    "Never really issued"

    It is indeed possible ...

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    Chris, I think partly this is because of the light (but I believe we can see yellowness that is so dear to your heart ;)) + medal was covered in deep black patina, so seller decided (like she does it from time to time :whistle:) to do some presale cleaning (I think special cleaning agent for bronze).

    Voilà tout :)

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    Seller wrote: "there is no sign that this example has ever had a suspension and it may have been awaiting a suspension at the end of the war or otherwise have found its way out of the manufacturers before the suspension was fitted"

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    According to the  China Incident Commemorative Medal command Related documents(支那事変記念章令關系文書),It will be granted to those people:




    And the totally awards in plan was 3068700

    And the Award statute  as follows:





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