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    Interesting but confusing medal bar ?

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    Isn't it a frack type bar?

    The old officer's LS medals used to come after orders, but before campaign medals.

    Professional Baden NCO who got a government job and was recalled as a bumped up/ out as a Lt dR type?

    I'd bet he was in the railroads...or post office.

    What sayeth Rick R?

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    True... if it was made to be worn as an active bar... but if it was a frack bar.... it would be closer to the priority (though still screwed up)....

    Interesting also was the "Zollbeamten" pin that was 'pinned' to the bar (as you can see in the pic).... perhaps a hint to this guys service.



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    Guest Rick Research

    ...now heaven knows...

    anything goes! :shame:

    It's Weimar. 1920s. No rules.

    It is, only the wearer would have even attempted to guess "WHY" a straight mounted Frack bar. Perhaps he didn't like the angled ribbons on the correct style. On the other hand, he also neglected to specify Catch Down, which meant this bar was likely--indeed, all but certain-- to SPROING off under its own weight with the catch worn pointing UP.

    Correct, an up from the ranks Baden ex-career NCO who found himself a nice little hidey-hole during the war, far from turmoil and strife. Discharged with "18+ pension years" as a Leutnant aD. Very often the "officers only" XXV (which, of course, was only rhetorically correct after the war, per 1914 regulations change not implemented until then) can be found incorrectly mounted ahead of the "mere NCOs" General Decoration medal. Period "Ugly" on the Clint Eastwood Medal/Ribbon Bar Scale.

    The poor War Effort Cross was always stuck in any old place the wearer felt like it-- again completely contrary to regulations which gave it a clear spot. And he should NOT be wearing the Baden enlisted long service medal with the XXV, either. He either had an IX when it was a brooch and then worked up into the pre-war "officer" level Beamten after getting his AllgEZ with more than 12 years (and so imagined himself entitled to something he never received) or he had (1896 entry at latest) the XV and decided he liked the wrong GOLD medal in place of what would have been the WRONG copper XV cross. Orrrrr... he wasn't entitled to that XXV at all and gave it to himself. We'll never know without documents.

    ...anything goes!

    All we can do is wonder WHAT this guy was THINKING! :speechless:

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