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    Hi Bob, they look very close.... but I don't think he would have won his repeat to the '39 EK2 Prior to receiving the Czech Medal. Then left the repeat spange off the bigger bar??? Or, dropped the Czech Medal in preference for a smaller bar? Very odd.

    BUT! Really nice bars Ralph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Guest Rick Research

    Soooo, Evil Ralph. You attempt to throw the Imperial reebon barz snufflehound off the track by hiding a FIFTH ribbon bar in your "four" ribbon bar thread, eh?

    What is the backing?

    Is that a Red Eagle or a Hamburg Hanseatic after the Z?hringen Lion with hedge clippers and salad? Scan color being either/or affects

    Search Program:


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    Ok, here are my results so far:

    I am working under the assumption that #5 is Hamburg, not the RAO4 (the original Weitze scan showed that).

    There are quite a lot of officers with only an Austrian Franz-Joseph Knight in the 1914 RL. However, I could not find A SINGLE one among them who survived the war, got the Zähringen 2nd class with oakleaves, had no XXV AND the SA3aX.

    However, the Zähringen roll is quite incomplete, as it ends in mid-1918. Therefore, I have a VAGUE suspect, no proof of Zähringen here:

    Oberlt v. Hohberg und Buchwald from the Leib-Garde-Husaren, Rittmeister 28.11.1914 and aD at that rank. Had only the ÖFJ4 prewar and got the SA3aX. Lt. 18.10.03.

    There is another even vaguer suspect, a Lt. dR Kaiser from IR111. Common name. But could he have made Hauptmann till 1918?

    And still very vague, a Lt. Otto Schmidt from IR19, Hptm aD 1919. MIGHT have got a SA3aX.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Nope. None of them. This will take the long, tedious process of comparing BZ3bXmEs against SA3aXs and then checking every one that may match there with the BMV4X rolls and then if any "triples" show up, then going back to look for peacetime awards.

    The only "triple" I've found so far, von Nida, had no peacetime FJO and many Austrian WW1 awards.

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