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    Armor, or Armour

    Jim Baker

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    New to the Forum, but, not to the hobby. Built from the old Tamiya kit - approximztely 300 machined and scratchbuilt gooh-gahs including the entire engine and compartment, early(clip together)Fruilmodellismo tracks, On The Mark P/E engine grill, Verlinden dry transfer turret markings, etc...the drill.

    Hope you enjoy.



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    Thanks for the welcome, guys.

    Built this early 70's-vintage Tamiya Stug III about a dozen years ago, long before Tamiya released their current new tool. At that time, I was still learning about armor and what the aftermarket offered, therefore, the P/E intake grills from 'On The Mark' were the only P/E used. Model still has the 'rubberband' tracks but also has many scratchbuilt and machined fiddly-bits to keep him ineresting. Overall, I think he's still a passable shelf model.


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    Nice to see some old friends here. Not to mention the superb models...

    Thought I would post a picture of my full option 1/16th Tamiya Tiger. It's modelled after "Das Reich" Tiger S01 that fought at the Battle of Kursk in July 1943. It's stock except for idler wheel bushings, a gear reduction kit and metal tracks. Oh yes and I reinforced the bottom of the hull to accomodate the additional stress from the metal tracks.

    I can build them but unfortunately, I can't paint them. This one was professionally painted. :rolleyes:

    I've got a King Tiger on order... The wait is killing me.... :anmatcat:

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