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Early Georgian Aviatrix

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One of Georgia's famous, but now forgotten, early pilots was a woman named Maria Giorgievna Sokolova. Here's her glamor shot and some of her early Osoaviakhim documents.

I haven't seen much Osoaviakhim discussion or collectibles on GMIC. Have I missed some good stuff? I have a modest Osoaviakhim collection that I find interesting and I'd be glad to share it if there's any interest. Meanwhile, let's see what you've got.


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Osoaviakhim badges? I'm glad you asked. I was afraid that no one would. I've got a nice board of them that I'll try to post tomorrow under a new thread. You're gonna like 'em. I think I have at least one other Oso group with badges and docs around here somewhere but I don't know where.

But I gotta ask, is anyone else out there interested in Osoaviakhim? (Please, someone say yes.) How about sharing your stuff?


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