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Here are a set of twin ribbon bars manufactured by Godet.

This bar has many prestigious awards and unusually it has the Dutch order of Nassau on the end, which was awarded for "Special merits to society"... What could this chap have done to be awarded this medal?

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A particular mystery since he was not long back from III. See Bataillon in China to get this in Inf Rgt 25 1911/12.

You've got 1934/35-39 char. Generalmajor aD (WW2 Genlt zV) Adolf Hüttmann (1875-1969) and to sing the Walt Disney "It's A Small, Small World" song again-- Werner Nickel has his medal bar.

Apologize for short replies today but after being unable to connect most of last 36 hours, am rushing through. Hüttmann's in Stammlisten for Marine-Infanterie officers 1904 (#492) and for Füsilier Rgt 35 (1909) #592.

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Amazing!! But I think he had yet another ribbon bar (s), with the joint crown and swords devices on both the HOHX and Order of Nassau, unless my eyes deceive me from the old black and white photo.

Would be great to see his medal bar too! ;)

It makes sense that no wehrmacht long service awards can be seen here, with him retiring in 1930, even though he was called back up 9 years later, he wouldn't have seen the need to upgrade his rack.

What would he have done to receive the Order of Nassau?

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In China on Tsingtau garrison duty years after the Boxer Rebellion so no Medal. ZERO clue on the Dutch Order, except the usual lighting cigars and opening doors sort of "party" bestowals exotic stuff often was. Unable to connect online for another 7 hours again earlier so hurrying:

Marine Officers Stammlisten (while still there)

1914 Army Rank List:

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