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Great War Dawning and other Verlag-Militaria books

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To show that there is a silver lining – our publisher Verlag-Militaria just changed their website and added a USA side of the site. What that means to us mere mortals is that you can now order the book from that website in the USA with USA prices, USA money, USA postage. As a result Great War Dawning is only $70 plus postage in the USA. Weighing in at 4 ½ pounds with 80 perfect picture pages [many in color], four foldout maps and 550 pages this is an absolutely handsome work. I don’t make money on this – the publisher does – but this is one hell of a good deal for USA customers. There is a button on the upper right-hand corner of the website:


click that and USA customers are taken to a different area from the international site. Not only is Great War Dawning available but it looks like his other books too. As beautiful as this product is you might want to consider it for a Father’s Day present. Seriously nice but I am biased.

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I think you'll really really like this. The first five chapters are an updated expansion of the last book but then there are 12 more chapters! Like I said weighing in at 4 1/2 pounds if I threw it at you it would definitely make an impression. Like all of his stuff the pictures are magnificent. The product is magnificent. We got a super nice review from Chris Baker but even if it is all nonsense the physical product is so nice. And it's only $70 I'm sure if you have bought from him before you paid twice that. Let me know if it answered any of your mail.




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Hey all! I just got my copy (been meaning to get it for several months) and wanted to give some thoughts. It is a wonderful book. If you are interested in WWI at all, you need to get this book. I have not put it down since Christmas. Joe has done a great job fleshing out many of the theories we have all talked about concerning the beginning of WWI. I found the historical explanation of the German "states" and the amalgamation of "Germany" extremely interesting. It is hard to remember, that "Germany" of 1914 hadn't existed for very long; and Joe does a great job in explaining how hard it was to lead an army that was in the process of amalgamating.

A wonderful effort, and a wonderful accomplishment!!

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Thanks! I guess the most telling review was in Stand To! – Our last book is in the pipeline and should be published this coming spring and summer.


(Ret.) Joe Robinson & Col. (Ret.) JANET ROBINSON
The Great War Dawning – Germany and its Army at the Start of World War 1
Verlag Militaria, Vienna, Austria, Euros 59.00, 532 pp., 80 ills, two unbound maps/charts.
It’s a question a book reviewer is asked all the time; ‘Do you actually read all the books you write about?’ For once I admit - I am about to offer unalloyed praise for a book of which I have read little; indeed scarcely scratched its massive surface. My defence? Few, if any, military works have impressed me as much on first examination and none that I can recall, more. From its table of contents to the last page - 531 -
The Great War Dawning
is a big book. (Not least both libraries and collectors will need to store in one of those annoyingly unruly ‘oversize book’ shelves where the big books lurk. It is 0.5” high, 7.5” wide and 2 .25” thick. As well as it 500 plus pages of dense, but clear, type it offers numerous charts and seventy-five pages of well-reproduced photographs, maps and illustrations. It contains seventeen chapters, bolstered by seven impressive and valuable appendices - one with eight subsections - and ten closely-spaced pages, all of which bibliography comprise 166 pages.
This authors’ tour de force is the definitive work of reference on the Germany’s Army in 1914, and to call it impressive would be a huge understatement. It the most complete work on the subject in the English language, (and probably German). This is no mere
vade mecum
, but, effectively, a one volume library on the topic which also includes a valuable an analysis of the nation’s social, political and economic structure before the war.
In addition to an evaluation of the German Army, from its structure and organisation to its officer corps and from its doctrines - infantry, army and artillery – to its material of logistical services,
The Great War Dawning
offers critical evaluation of the nation’s plans for war, mobilisation and the ‘cracks’ in its edifice which appeared when Germany sought to execute its plans. Amongst other areas, the appendices evaluate the nation’s Imperial Constitution, the structure and organisation of the Imperial Army in 1914, including that of Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg, the rank and pay structure and the staffs and orders of battle of the German Armies after mobilization.
There is no question, the writing team’s research has been massive, their authorship, and the book’s editing, which has enjoyed considerable input from Jack Sheldon, is hugely impressive. No one privileged to receive a review copy of this valuable new work can fail to echo Sheldon’s words in the book’s introduction: ‘This timely and authoritative book should be on the shelf of every serious student of the First World War. I commend it highly and hope
that it will be widely read.’
The Great War Dawning
will represent
a magnificent
addition to my own collection of reference books and one to which I will return with regularity. Despite its cost, it is impossible to praise the work too highly. It is the book of the year about the Great War in 2014 and I suspect for years to come for anyone with a serious interest in Germany and its army in the Great War.
David Filsell
This review, written by David Filsell, was first published in Stand To! the Journal of the Western Front Association, No. 101, September 2014.


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Thank you! We had no idea – none – that was available. This was all new to us. Publication date, ISBN, price. A hell of a lot cheaper in the US than in the UK. I don't think we're ever going to get any chance to even edit it again. 144 pages. Always good to know what your publishers are doing!

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