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    Not having a TV I hadn't seen this. Maybe all of the UK is already fed up with watching it. A friend sent it to me as he is part of the crowd in the background. Like a lot of Gents on here, he is involved in re enactment groups.

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    People will always find a reason to make something controversial and raise a stink about just anything. I do not see anything disrespectful about this production. I also read that it is being investigated... investigated for what?

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    Well, it seems that chocolate has joined the ranks of Black Adder in causing controversy regarding how to commemorate the First World War.

    UK supermarket's Christmas truce advert kicks off debate

    I actually know a gent who wrote a book on The Truce he studied it for years nicely done vid but its documented the Germans initiated the meetings in No Mans Land not us British.

    I'm not sure if I'm in favour of companies using this sort of thing in adverts or not, Americans call it generally a 'cheap shot' I think.


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    I loved it! Brought home the meaning of Christmas, and it is for charity. I've already shown this ad to my staff at work, and my family. None of them knew what the Christmas truce of 1914 was, so I explained it to them. Now they know what happened over 100 years ago, and the memory of the incident at least lives on for a while in some people's minds. To me, that is a wonderful thing, and well worth the effort of the commercial.

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    I'm with Chris. It will let a lot of folks who would never read a book on WWI know that there were moments of sanity and humanity amidst the madness. The proceeds from the chocolate sales go to the Legion and if people buy extra stuff from the company, good on the company for having done this! And Happy Christmas all!


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