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    Nice Picture!

    He was a former Reserve-Officer of GR 101 "Kaiser Wilhelm, König v. Preußen, transferred to Landwehr 1895 and back to the reserve of GR 101 on 07. Sept. 1916. On the shoulderboard on your pic. he´s wearing the cypher "WR I" with crown. On that time he was the CO of 1. Ersatz-Bat./IR 134 :love: and your photo is with great possibility from this date.

    I also have a photo of him with officers from Ersatz-Bataillon /Landwehr-IR 107, ca. August-Sept. 1914 where he is pictured without Litzen, SB not visible.

    Hoffmann was a somewhat famous pharmacist in Baden-Baden, that´s why he´s wearing the Zähringer. He later lived in Wiesbaden and died in 1947

    look here: MATTIACA Schutzhütten Curt-Hoffmann-Hütte

    Gruß Stefan

    PS: could I have a clearer scan of it for my database?

    Thank you.

    Edited by IR 134
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