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    I kind of like the general look of it, I would out of curiosity put a UV light over the piping and collar boards and arm badges.  I have seen a lot of these sort unissued and only with the breast eagle applied before (1990s).  What do you think about it, are you happy with it?

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    UV Light test is sort of meaningless, as there have been period things that glow.  Phosphates have been around for a long time, even before ww2.  The only thing that worries me is the the attachment of the collar tabs. I would like to see the front of the collar tabs.  Something strikes me as odd about the thread used to attach them to the tunic.  It could be OK, but I want to see more images before I am happy with the set.  The eagle looks 100% wartime applied. 

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    I think in this context it would not be meaningless as I am sure the breast eagle is factory applied and original but if lets say all the other insignia lights up like a disco then it may be safe to assume it is post war applied in this case?  It is not infalable but it is a useful tool if you suspect the stiching is dodgy, which we both do?  I have one similar deressed as an engineer.

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