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    Dear All,


    I need your help because I'm trying to correctly identify which Order the Generalissimo (Field Marshall) Armando DIAZ, Supreme Commander of the Italian ARMY during last year of the WW1, bears on his chest. (I indicated it with a Red Arrow)


    The below photo is dated 1912 and in this photo He is a Colonel.


    However, I have another photo where He has the rank of Lt. Col. and already he wears the same Order so, I presume, that He received it before 1912.


    The Order in exame has a particular shade with 4 crossed arms and a romboidal centre; it is near the Prussian Red Eagle so I thought (surely wrongly) that it could have a German origin although it could be something of another part of the world.



    Any help (also a guess) would be greatly appreciated.







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    Black and white film of this period cause very unusual color shifts.  You'll see the Prussian Centenary Medal ribbon (golden yellow), for example, appear almost black.  This is almost certainly the Swedish Order of the Sword.

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