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  1. Hi Tony The assemblers label and method/quality of mounting look good to me - overall a nice looking group and yes, I think you got a good buy. Well done. Stuart
  2. Hello Brunswick,

    thanks for inquiries...please send me your private email adresse so can send you more details and

    fine pictures...my private email dietmar.steiner@microheaven.de

    best regards

    Dietmar Steiner

  3. The second worst 'war crime' I've seen in the last few years - logic defies me? Stuart
  4. Greetings Hope you don't mind me coming in on this topic - I have the opportunity to purchase a group that also has the Merit Cross of the Order of the Zahringer Lion on Military-Karl-Friedrich Medal ribbon - is this an acceptable combination ? Your advice would be most appreciated - I was initially a little cautious the Cross not having the usual ribbon but have not found any specific reference to this variation. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. I would put my money on this award as being the Swedish Badge of the Order of the Sword - Sweden's principal military order for exceptional merit. Hope that helps. Brunswick
  6. One of the most pleasing little groups I've seen for a while - nice combination - well done Brunswick
  7. Posted 09 September 2009 - 19:08 Another Photo from the same group as above , here we have a man from Flieger troopen He has a propeller and number 1 on his shoulderboard. BUT look at the woman at his side What is it on her head ?????? Old hat I know - sorry - I believe the unusual ladies hat is known as a Flugelhaube, a regional headdress from the Landkreis Schaumburg area, Lower saxony. Helps to place where the photo/medals resided at one time ... Brunswick
  8. I found the group interesting but at a hammer price of £1745 .... left it to those wiser than I. The Saxon medal is in fact a Prussian Life saving Medal - still not sure the medal is in the right order though. I know from previous posts the Austrian commem. medal was upgraded position wise when Austria fell within the sphere of the TR. Regards the Austrian red Cross Medal I suspect a combatant soldier may also be recognised for some service of merit to the RC ? The ribbons look ok to me but comment on the backing etc; would be welcome? So who would be entitled to a bar of this construction?
  9. Forgive me for coming in as a newby to posts on this excellent site - It was my understanding that the Honour Cross was generally manufactured from iron with a bronze wash - hence the majority react positive to a magnet - bronze is non magnetic so I would be interested to know if this example reacts in a positive or negative way. If negative it is indeed fairly scarce in respect of its metallic makeup. I suspect it is an iron example that has lost it's bronze wash - whatever I would be most interested to know the results of its contact with a magnet. The maker is indeed Funke & Bruninghaus, Ludenscheid. Regards to all Brunswick
  10. I hope no one minds me tagging onto this informative thread - I recently added to my Channel Island medal collection a British War Medal & Mercantile Marine 1914-18 medal pair named to the following; William Le Feuvre CHEVALIER. Born in Jersey in 1880 he served in the merchant navy from at least 1900 and of course during WW1. What came as a surprise is an entry on UK Incoming Passenger Ship Lists dated 13/11/1931 where William is shown as returning to London from Hong Kong on the SS Mantua with his wife Alice & daughter Patrica. Occupation Constable - Home duties done. Last Residence China. This would suggest to me anyway he was a member of the Hong Kong Constabulary. The question of course is whether there is any information available on William's service with the Force? Again I apologise if I'm being a little cheeky but his police connection came as a surprise and opens up new avenues in respect of this Channel Islanders story. Any help most appreciated. Regards Stuart Elliott
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