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    HJ Naval / Marine HJ cap tallies

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    At this moment there are only few recommendable books written about HJ uniforms - inclusive Marine HJ - these books are:

    - The Hitler Youth - by David Littlejohn (assisted by Harry Hinds), 1988, Agincourt Publishers

    - H.J. (Vol. 1 & 2) - by J.R. Angolia, 1991, R.J.Bender

    - Handbook of the Hitler Jugend - by Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris (etc.), 2009, R.J.Bender

    All of these mention the cap tallies of the marine Hitler Jugend, and the development of the HJ Naval caps.

    I would advice students of this matter to get hold of these books to get a better view on the matter.

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    Some more HJ tallies.


    Interesting to note that the Matrosenobergefreiter (1st photo) is also wearing the Gold Party Badge, another proof that a long running party membership did not include a high rank in the Wehrmacht.


    In 1938 the tekst on the tallies was changed from Latin letters to "Gothic" script.

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    Nice one Morten, it it a badge on his left upperarm (this should be the position for the triangle, indicating the area) or just a smudge on the photo?

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