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    Chris... no idea if just similar or what but I'd just happened to run across this one:

    ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="724px">

    Americans setting up a French 37mm gun known as a "one-pounder" on the parapet of a second-line trench at Dieffmattch, Alsace, France, where their command, the 126th infantry, was located, on June 26, 1918. (U.S. Army)

    Found here... go down right about half way on the site... marked number 23:


    Hoping it helps a bit. :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Additionally to my post, here the technicals:

    3,7cm Revolver-Kanone:

    Calibre: 1,5 inch

    Weight: 1,256 lb

    Tube length: 31,8 inch

    Shell weight: 1 lb

    Muzzle Velocity 1200 ft/sec

    Max. range: 6000 ft

    This gun was also in use as anti-aircraft guns, in casemate mounts or rampart carriages.

    Infos from the mentioned book above

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