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    My fathers Fallschirmsch?tzenabzeichen

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    Hello, just want to share my fathers badge. this one is his second issue that he wore from 1944 on. his first issued badge he send home during the war. I still have it as well, but after the war my father removed the swastika from it. I think this one escaped the same fate because the catch broke and he did not wear it after the war.

    My father:http://www.eagle19.freeserve.co.uk/huber.htm

    all the Best, Hardy

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    Thanks Marc,

    I would be happy to. You can find some info on his sevice on the link I posted above. I have a box full of his papers, pictures, notes, documents and awards, if you interested in looking at anything, I will post it.


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    Thank you,I will take some pics of it .

    A point on the finish of the badges: On the denazified badge the the gold color on the eagle is still intact. My father said that because they wore most of the time the Knochensack over their tunics and badges , the finish of the medals wore off. [attachmentid=30588]


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