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    6 St. George Crosses, real or fake...


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    Greetings esteemed fellow collectors!  First time poster, but I've been reading a lot of the past posts.  I'd like to share with you 6 St. George Crosses that I collected when I was a teenager from 1990-1993 (before I joined the military and got my own medals lol).  I'm going through my collection to see what exactly it is that I have.  I suspect a few are fakes as this was a time when the market was beginning to become flooded with the counterfeit garbage after the Soviet Union collapsed.  I would love to get all of your expert opinions on what I may or may not have.  I've numbered them for easy discussion.  Thank you very much in advance! 

    Here's what I think:

    1. Fake

    2. Real

    3. Real

    4. Civil War field made

    5. Fake

    6. Civil War field made (note St. George is facing the wrong way)

    Other then that I have no clue.








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    1 hour ago, Igor Ostapenko said:

    1 & 5 fake , 

    4 - Paul Maybauer made 20-30 yy. (Germany)

    6 - Russia, Kuchkin made 1908-1917 yy.  http://medalirus.ru/georgievskie-kresty/gk-chastnye-kuchkin.php

    Hi Igor!  I've read your  other very helpful posts on St. George Cross, thanks for responding.  Can you elaborate on # 4 and 6 please?  I don't understand who/how Paul Meybauer made these 20 years ago.  Also for #6 I don't see a cross reference to the link you sent.  (Not sure why my St George is facing the wrong way).  Is this unique, rare? 

    Can you offer some details, I've spent the last 45 minutes googling what you provided but nothing comes up.

    Any thoughts on the time period for # 2 and 3?


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    Bringing up my own old thread! Thanks Igor and others for all the info provided before, I still own these medals, and as more info has come out learned a great deal about the Meybauer version.


    However, I still don't know enough about real St George Crosses to know if #2 and #3 in the pics above is real or fake and would appreciate input from the group. 




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    1 hour ago, TJLA said:

    Thanks Igor and others ...


    Six years after ... Impressive!   


    Both crosses are originals.  


    Both issued to the same man.


    3rd class 62 915


    Zajaz Daniel/Заяц Даниил 32 art. brigade, 6 battery, ensign. For courage and bravery in battles with the Austrians from 05.05 to 04.06.1915.


    4th class 70 120

    Zajaz Daniel/Заяц Даниил 32 art. brigade, 6 battery, ensign.  For distinctions rendered in fights against the enemy.




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    @JapanX I debated waiting another 6 years before thanking you as well lol. 


    How can I find more information on the Russian soldier Zajaz? I tried using the following two links but he doesn't seem to come up. Fascinating where the 32A was when he earned the 3rd class.




    @paul wood I agree, I've had the medals since the early 90s so that helps a bit in terms of progeny (there were less fakes then) and picked up from various dealers at shows in the midwest at that time.


    What references (books etc) do you recommend to help educate me on real/fake St. George Crosses? 


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    I'll make another post to make up for lost time.


    My medal #6 is (probably) not Kuchkin but rather a Private issue, note #10 in this link:



    Question is, who are these private makers and why were they reversing St. George on the front? Was it a mistake or an actual reason (maybe not to confuse with an official award, these were replacement copies or something?).

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