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    Hi Chris!

    The collar badge stands for Landespolizei Bayern since 1922.

    I can´t see a rosette upon the shoulder straps, so he is a Wachtmeister.

    Officers had collar-Litzen, other ranks those oakleaves.


    Hilfswachtmeister: simple wooden shoulder straps

    Unterwachtmeister: see Hilfswachtmeister with one rosette

    Rottmeister: see Hilfswachtmeister with two rossetes

    Wachtmeister: straps with a green, stiff, base with silver pipings

    Oberwachtmeister: ... with one rosette

    Hauptwachtmeister: ... with two rosettes

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    Hello Chris, do you know, that the Aschaffenburger Jägerkaserne was home for one section of the Bayerische Landespolizei?
    This Policecaptain was Alfred Wanka, the last commander of the 2. Jägerbataillon



    Another 2er Jäger, I call him the Chinese :-), Later he has been an officer in the german Army


    Major.Schwarzmüller_106_2 (1).JPG

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