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    I guess when you are this highly decorated you can maybe do whatever the hell you want, but is this technically correct?

    Is a Single mount GMVK possible or did he just hook hook it into his usual EK2 mount?

    I thought the GMVK was worn on the buttonhole?



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    but the EK2 must have been awarded quite some time before, if you take into account the EK2, EK1 and GMVK progression.


    P.S. I always say the EK2 is in the buttonhole on the day of the award, but many of the photos show the guys have put it in the buttonhole for a photo, sometimes a long time after the award day.

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    It does seem like he should have had a previously awarded EK2 mounted, and a newly awarded MVK on the buttonhole.  As you suggested, he probably did hook the MVK to the EK2 ribbon mount, and just pinned the EK2 behind the buttonhole ribbon, because it looked nicer on the court mount.

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