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    Hi gents,

    I think it´s time to post again some rare Lippe-Detmold stuff...

    Here is a new item in my collection., it´s are rare medalbar from Lippe-Demold, showing

    - medal for the campaign 1866 Lippe-Detmold (awarded 988 times, mostly by members of the "Lippisches Füsilier-Bataillon"
    - Prussian medal for 1866 "Königgrätz"
    - Centenarmedal Prussia

    For me it´s the first time to see this medal on a medalbar, I have only some pictures of it (and a single medal, which perfectly fit on this bar).

    Lippe-Spange-1866-Koeniggraetz-CM-VS web.jpg

    Lippe-Spange-1866-Koeniggraetz-CM-RS web.jpg

    And here are the mentioned pictures:

    The first one shows the Major and commander of the "Füsiliere Lippe-Detmold" Herrmann Kellner II.
    I have all of his documents, which I will show later on.
    He awarded "his" soldiers with this medal, officers like him got the medal directly from the prince Leopold Lippe-Detmold.

    The second one shows a unknown officer.

    I hope you like it :-)

    Best regards

    Portrait-Major-Kellner-1866-1869 web.jpg




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    Wonderful medalbar and photos, Roman.:beer:

    Help me to identify the Orders and Medals on the Officers bar:
    Prussian Red Eagle Order 4th class with swords?
    Lippe-Detmold 1866 medal
    Landwehr Long service cross for 20 years?
    Lippe-Detmold Military Merit Medal?

    Is that right?



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    Hello Gerd,

    sorry, only two out of four awards were correctly named...the 1866 medal and the Military Merit Medal.
    Especially the first one with swords is unique...if I would have shown the award document for it, you still would be confused ;-)
    The first one is from Prussia, the the other unknown one is a extremly rare one from Lippe-Detmold.
    Just keep in mind that all of his awards were awarded before 1867 ;-)

    I will show all documents of Major Kellner II in a seperate topic, because it is worth to go more in details.


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