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    10 tours!! What is this place?


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    The Canadians who went to Cyprus, especially the Signals, were almost all specialist technical troops - Sigs and Logistics and so on - and many of them did 5, 8, 10 individual 6 month tours. It didn't mean that the whole force was in and out that many times, but individuals were rotated in and out, much the way the US forces in Vietnam operated, so airly early on it was decided to use the numerals instead of multiple awards of the gong or bars.

    I know I've seen '8's on UN medals worn by CF members and I believe there are examples with '12', which wouldn't be outrageous for a 'lifer' in the Sigs, a very small unti over all.

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    It is interesting that this seems to be a medal bar for a soldier from the Republic of Ireland. There is a NATO Non-Article Five medal, I received one for KOSOVO, however, Ireland is not a member of NATO.

    Paul Teague

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    Here is another one. A Dutch medal bar with an UNTSO medal with a figure 10.


    A figure 10 was given for 5 one year tour as an observer. After 180 days of service the medal was awarded. For each additional 180 days a silver number was added. 


    The laureled number 25 is for 25 succesfull participations in the Nijmegen four days marches.


    And as far as I know, Ireland, an non NATO member, occasionally sent out his military under a NATO mission in small numbers. I once saw a NATO ISAF medal in an Irish group.  

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