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    Hello all,

    my room isn't actually decorated as a Bunker as I'm not setup with the decor suitable to create the impression. Maybe one day I can make it look like a room the Germans may have occupied for a HQ. Most likely, I'll look this way till I pass on to the other side. 


    image.jpg Anyway, I thought I would share a bit. Unfortunately, I have too many uniforms and have about 20 in a closet and medals stowed in cases.  As it looks right know I probably have too many on display. 

    I'm firmly committed to Imperial German field gray uniforms and French uniforms worn during the Great War.  I have a few nice Brit uniforms but have no room. 

    A few posters, award docs, period photos would probably help. I've always wanted a German flag, probably a good reproduction, to hand on the wall  


    Thanks for taking the time to look. I enjoy sitting in here looking around, reading books, and watching documentaries.


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    Thank you all for the kind words...


    yes, I nice worn original was flag would be nice. Throw up a flag and a few posters and EK docs next to some framed EKs and I'm set. I may need to remove the 3rd reign medals on the wall from back in my WW2 days. I could sell all to get some WW1 goodies

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