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    I Have a question.. the gilding looks very odd to me on the 2. klasse??

    * * * * *

    Here is (if I'm lucky) a close-up of the center of the Glory-2. You're right, it is in lovely condition. The question is, I suppose, is it too good to be true?

    The patina is typical, in my limited experience, of silver that has been cleaned, then re-oxidizes, suffering occasional handling along the way. Silverware gets the same look.

    The silver itself is in exceptional condition. The center portion is consistent with the condition of the rest of the metal, patina notwithstanding. Sometimes you can look "through" plating and detect surface defects that give the re-plating away, not unlike, say, a re-blued gun. Or you can detect where the re-plating has filled in some details. I see none of either on this example.

    I leave it to you to judge for yourselves.


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    To all:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this one.



    * * * * *

    Thank you, slavafirstclass.

    I think that most of us will never find a better Glory-2 than this one. OK, yeah, except for the ribbons. They're replacements, but they're what came with the group. I buy 'em and I pass 'em along. I don't clean them up (except for the rare use of a dry toothbrush to knock off some dirt) and I don't replace ribbons and so forth and I don't separate groups. This is my hobby and those things are what spoil it.


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